Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas before Christmas

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Brandt and Aunt Kate and Uncle Lee! We had so much fun opening your presents and we love them! (Renee, Lincoln got his own sunday book and Adam got some new inserts for his and they are totally awesome! I told Kate that you might like a copy again of the new stuff she put together for the books if you are interested)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

So, it's been a busy month with Christmas preparations which has put blogging on the back burner for awhile. Now I have a little over a week to get my house spotless for our trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. My mom and Dad are serving a mission at the Employment Resource center in Slidell near the Bishop's Storehouse that helped tremendously with Hurricane Katrina. They teach workshops on Self reliance, employment, and Interview prep so that people in the community can find work. We are looking forward to seeing them so much! We're also excited to go to the aligator farm among other things. I'm done shopping for Christmas! Yeah! I still have to do some wrapping. But as some of you may know, it has to be somewhat of a camo job with little inquiring minds lurking about. So I get it done little by little. This was our first year where we could really invest some time and energy into Christmas for the boys. It's been a total blast! I love it when I've gotten something already then they'll say how great it would be to have it! Adam's got several of those so it should be fun. We were in the car a few days ago talking about Christmas and what we should get for each other. I asked Adam what he would want for Christmas and he was quiet and didn't answer. I asked him why he didn't say anything. He said, "I don't really care what you get mom, Christmas isn't about getting presents anyway. It's about Jesus being born." So sweet! I sure love that little guy. But then about a day later, we were sitting at the table eating lunch and we were discussing the various characters in Whinnie the Pooh. I said, "If you were to pick one character, who would I be most like from Whinnie the Pooh." Without hesitation, he shrugged and said, "Well, probably Rabbit because he likes to tell people what to do alot and sometimes he yells." I guess I'll have to try to be a bit more like Kanga from now on!