Sunday, October 28, 2007

We can't do without our Dad!

One reason why Dad's are irreplaceable;

Adam: "Mom, have I been good to get Harry Potter tonight?"
M: "Yes, but I don't know if Daddy will be home in time to read it to you. I would be happy to read it to you instead."
Adam: "No. You don't know how to do all the voices."
M: "How do you know? I bet I could do them okay."
Adam: "But Mom, it's in a different language."
M: (giggle)
Adam: "You know the language they speak on Kipper? That's the one."

One reason why Dad's are, well... somewhat bendable?;

Lights are out, Mommy says goodnight and Daddy lays with the boys for a bit.( Adam is crying because he lost his Harry Potter time due to an incident right before bed that involved hurting his brother and laughing.) This is the conversation after I left the room and how it transpired.

Adam: crying and extremely disappointed, "I really wanted to read Harry Potter tonight! Please can I earn it back?"
Dad: "Didn't mom say you lost your priviledge?"
Adam: "I'm pretty sure she said I could earn it back!"
Dad: "Are you sure she said that?"
Adam: "Yes! She said I could earn it back tonight." (still crying)
Dad: "Well, if that's what she said maybe it's Adam, I'd better check with mom first." (good boy! Normally he would have given in but has since learned better!)
Adam: "No! She really did say I could earn it back."
Dad: Sticking his head into our room asked, "Adam says you said he could earn back Harry Potter."
M: "No, I said he could be good tomorrow and have Harry Potter time then." (loud enough for Adam to hear)
Adam: "Oh man! I didn't want you to find that out!"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Brandt Show

I'm enjoying some down time after church today as it was a busier day than usual. Basically it was the Brandt show in sacrament. Rob is the new choir director replacing a man who was the director for 10 years, extremely loved by all in the ward, who died suddenly a few months before we got here. He left quite the legacy with an amazing dedication to the ward choir. No pulling teeth to get people to come to this one. It was extremely emotional for all the members for the first few weeks because they missed Charlie, but they really enjoy Rob. Anyway, the choir sang for the first time since Charlie died. And we were asked to be the speakers as well. So it was a fun juggling act with our kids who got up too early and didn't eat a very good breakfast. I was very impressed that we even made it there on time! I guess there really is something to having everything ready the night before (It's kind of a new thing for me). I still wonder how people do it with more than two! Phew! I've been called to teach Sunbeams which is so funny to me because Rob and I have switched places. In Indiana, I was the ward choir director and he taught Sunbeams. I'm pretty sure I have a huge lesson in patience to learn because I can already tell I'm not cut out for it. Adam is a bit of a handful on his own, but we have a pretty large group of energetic boys. I'm glad it's primary program time though, because I haven't had to prepare a lesson yet. My sweet husband just helped me make lunch, picked up the kitchen, put Lincoln to bed, and is now reading to Adam. Sigh! If any of you have read "Raising Your Spirited Child", I'm pretty sure that I'm a spirited adult. All this stimulation has got me pooped! I know this is sort of a boring entry. So I'll end by showing some cute pics of the boys. These were taken in mid-September at Walmart.
Pretty cute boys eh? They're my favorite!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dedicated to my dear kindred spirit friend Katie Kempton

Six interesting things about me that many people don't know.

1) Hmm...I'm a Mary Kay Beauty consultant and I don't always wash my face at night and take off my mascara.( Hello eyelash mites! Munchy, munchy!)

2) I just bought a bright royal blue PT Cruiser and I LOVE IT! (But, if I drove it into the river it wouldn't be the end of the world for me)

3)I'm extremely ambitious and often start projects that I can't always finish.

4) I can't pick up things with my toes. And I have an awful memory which comes in handy when people say mean things to me. Easily forgotten!

5)I miss singing Country music at a Karaoke joint. (How about some Shania?)

6)I'm a great wife and mother even though I don't iron my husband's shirts or make him lunch all the time. However, I did polish his shoes today of which I was very proud of myself. I think he felt loved!

"Mothers Who Know"- Thank You Sister Beck!

I have been pondering alot lately since I heard the talk "Mothers Who Know" by Sister Julie Beck in General Conference a few weeks ago. I was so grateful for her straight forward nature in delivering information that was bound to be touchy for some women. In the past few years I have watched as women of the church have begun to take "modern" council a bit too far in justifying the increasing amount of time they seem to be spending outside the home. It was a breath of fresh air for Sister Beck to bring us back to the basics. Helping us remember the core priorities that we, as Latter-Day Saint women, are encouraged to keep in focus. I have been extremely disappointed and disturbed with the tremendous backlash that has occurred in response to her inspired words. In an article publish in the Salt Lake Tribune, it discusses this furious debate spawned by her talk. It created quite a stir among Latter-day Saint Women, who I feel, have missed the point entirely. One woman was quoted from a blog entitled She said, ""I want to sustain Beck," wrote Lisa Butterworth on "I don't want to bash her, but (Whooaa! Stop right there!" I want to sustain her...but"...You either DO or you DON'T- Inserted by me :)there is no way that I can believe that 'keeping our homes as tidy as the temple' or 'being the best homemakers in the world' are the vital lessons that will bring myself and my family closer to the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Was she not listening?! Sister Beck was simple expressing that creating a house of order sets the stage for the spirit to be present when the gospel is being taught in the home. We don't have to be fanatical about keeping our houses clean, and we don't need to feel guilty if it's not always clean. That's not what she was saying. She asking us to realize that doing menial tasks around the home is not merely "work", but a simple way we can express our love and nurture our family. It's a way of showing sacrafice and love. What is happening to our good ol'e fashioned values? Single women were offended because they were not "included". As written in the article, 'The speech made her feel "like an outsider in my own church and inadequate," Reynolds said. "Whatever offering I can give is not enough because I don't have my own kids." ' I wonder what Sister Dew would have to say about that. I don't get offended when there is a talk that doesn't apply perfectly to my situation! Give me a break!

Some were even so petty as to complain about her saying that their daughter's hair should be brushed to perfection for church on sunday. A comment of a female BYU professor stated, "I never had the knack of styling my daughters' hair; their hair on Sunday is usually au naturel, which looks beautiful to my eyes," said Valerie Hudson, a BYU political science professor and mother of eight. "My husband does the cooking in our family, and takes great satisfaction in making what he calls 'food for the soul.' He even bakes the treats for our children's class parties. . .This year I'm teaching my 13-year-old son to sew his own special Halloween costume." Can she not see that in her very comment that she is already doing what Sister Beck is asking of women? That she is nourturing her children in her own way? Why must we all take things so much in the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law? I guess I'm not any better as I am bashing this ridiculous onslaught. But I feel like shouting from the rooftops that the world is going to pot so we need to do everything we can to be on the Lord's side. Complaining about petty things is a waste of time. Sister Beck has been called of God just has President Hinckley and the Quorum of the twelve have. If you choose to sustain them, you accept that their words come directly from the Lord. The last days are here! Will we also reject the warnings of the prophets? I would like to challenge all of you to put aside your own desire to be "validated". Be humble and become "Mothers who know." We owe it to our children and we owe it to the Lord.

Sermon over.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dramatic boy

Had a great work out at the gym today. But when I went to pick up the boys from childcare, Lincoln had a messy diaper that needed changing quickly. He's on Augmentin for another ear infection which means really runny poops and a very sore bottom. Anyway, he was crying of course because his bum hurt. And as we were getting in the car, he started screaming something. I wasn't paying too much attention as I was getting Adam buckled so we could get on the road. Then Adam said, "Lincoln, you're not going to die". Then I realized that lincoln was crying out, "I to die! I to die!" (I'm going to die). Evidently it was still hurting his bottom to sit in his car seat. I guess Adam's fixation of death has rubbed off on Lincoln.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

"The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Rules the World"

After listening in on another General Conference, I 've been pondering what it is that I need to learn or do better. I admit that I always have to go back and read many of the talks again because I was taking care of children or dosed off. But I felt the spirit especially strong this time as I have been pondering my role and priviledge of a being a mother. At times I am extremely overwhelmed by the responsibility and am on the verge of throwing up my hands to give up. I get frustrated that my family can't function the same when I'm having an "off" day. The old saying of "when Mom's not happy, nobody is happy" really is true. I underestimate the influence I have on my children (and husband) when I choose to react poorly to a situation, or carry a cloud over my head throughout the day. There are many nights that I go to bed with tears, fearful that I am failing miserably. It was impressed upon me, as in the past, that these short years of raising children will pass quickly. That I must treat each moment as if it would be my last with them. If I was gone tomorrow, what would I have wanted to leave with my family? The spirit of contention? Or kindness, long-suffering, and an unwavering testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel. It was also impressed upon me that I need to work harder at holding to the Iron Rod by reading my scriptures and praying always. Doing everything I can to be closer to the Savior, thus, becoming more like Him in word and deed. Some tragic events have transpired in my family that have manifested the incredibly real power of satan. He is intent on breaking apart the family. It never ceases to amaze me how he can weasel his way into people's lives in such a sneaky and deceptive manner that even righteous God-fearing people cannot see through his wiles. And, before they know it, their minds and hearts are twisted and confused, poisened by satan's brilliant maneuvers. He'll get us when we are most vulnerable emotionally, physically, and spiritually. My job is to forgive and focus on my own spiritual development and that of my children so as to guard against the evil surrounding us everyday. I shouldn't waste any of my time worrying about what others are doing wrong. I've got plenty to worry about within myself. I feel so blessed to be a member of the only true church on the earth today. I'm so grateful to have the restored gospel in my life! I'm grateful that I have a message of hope and joy to share with my children, friends and family. Tonight as we were reading scriptures as a family, Adam was much more attentive than usual as we were discussing how the church was restored to the earth. His eyes got big when we talked about missionary work and helping others find the gospel. He expressed his excitement to be a missionary someday. Then he got a quisitive look on his face and paused. Then he said, "I think is a great idea to play Conference, then we can talk more about the gospel and Jesus Christ." My greatest desire is to see my children grow up in righteousness. I shudder to think of the things they may face, but I rejoice in the anticipation that they will do their part in building the kingdom. I'm kind of rambling at this point, but these are the thoughts of my heart today.

Here are a few pics of my most prized possessions. I admit that I do miss Lincoln's curls!

Friday, October 05, 2007

I think I'm in love!

So what a sweet morning it was a few days ago when I woke up to the sound of the vacuum.... The night before I had hit my pillow with the house in shambles. All of you moms know what it's like to spend the previous day getting the house just how you want it and it only takes a few hours of sitting doing bills or menus to lose complete control again. Sometimes I wish I had my own three-handled-moss-covered-family-gradunza, or whatever it's called. So, my sweet hubby, who knows I go a little batty when my house is dirty, had stayed up late that night after I went to bed and did my dishes. Then woke up early to tidy up the rest of the house. Then he was off for a long busy day at work. Sigh! Now that's my kind of man!