Sunday, November 26, 2006

Life is good if you make it

So, it's been a few weeks. Much has happened. My 11 month old is officially walking! My 3 yr. old can't decide if he's Superman or a princess (Just kidding, he just did it for the picture). I love being a Mom, my Mary Kay business is growing faster than expected ( I worked 8 hrs on Friday and sold $800 dollars of product, $400 in my pocket! And had my first recruit submit her paperwork!), My husband found out that there are a total of 15 job openings for next fall which is rare, And I've learned the secret of life! Other stuff has happened too but that's it in a nutshell. I highly recommend going on and watch the film called "The Secret". I guarantee that it is well worth the 4.95 and you will be uplifted. I don't know, what more I can say. I'm Happy! Life is crazy and hard but OH SO GOOD!...If that's what we choose to make it...Make it a great day!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Memories to cherish

So the other day we decided to take a much needed break and go outside for a bit since it was a whopping 70 degrees outside! My 10 month old just had tubes put in his ears this week so we've been cooped up for a few days dealing with Mr. Fussy. We were just going for a walk when I eyeballed the best spot for leaf frolicking.
It was so perfect. Because it was so warm the leaves were pretty dry. Hence, no unwanted sliminess hidden beneath all the fun. We borrowed a rake from the neighbors and made a pile of leaves that would have made the most avid leaf jumpers proud. Just as we were getting started, good o'le Daddy came home from school so we were able to enjoy a few moments together as a family. These are the days when I take a deep breath and say, "Life is good". This may be our last full fall in Indiana so I couldn't help but ponder on the past few years as we played. We've enjoyed our time here so much even though it has had it's struggles. We will never forget the amazing friendships we've formed and all the great memories. I hope that we will always look on this time in our lives with fondness.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


This is the Lone Ranger reporting for duty practicing his tough cowboy scowl. This one's for uncle Jim! We convinced him that real cowb0ys have lassos to get their bogies. Until he understands the appropriate uses for guns we try not to encourage them. He seemed to be content after I demonstrated a pretty impressive pantomime of a cowboy roping a calf.

Lincoln didn't have to dress up. His hair and drool down to his ankles does all the talking. He went for the mad scientist this year.

Mommy went as the candy swiper :)

They love me, they love me not, they love me...

I'm beginning to realize the consequences of being a wanted mommy. Let me clarify a little. My oldest has always been a bit of a Daddy's boy. I used to blame myself thinking it was due to a bad nursing experience, or maybe all those times that I administered home remedies that were not always pleasant. My husband has a bit of a soft side that avoids inflicting pain on others at all costs. So, guess who gets the dirty jobs like enemas and taking the babies in for immunizations ect... ME (aka "the mean one")! Although I could beat myself up all day for missing out on valuable bonding time, I've learned to enjoy a few simple pleasures. My sweet husband has been so good at "nurturing" that he has become the wanted parent at bedtime as well as all through the night. He is also the wanted parent in the morning for the preparation of breakfast. So, not only do I get to sleep through the night (mostly), but I get to sleep in if I need to. I've sort of become cozy in the luxuries that being the next favorite parent affords. However, my cozy little set up has been short lived. My 10 month old has insisted on a constant perch on my hip. He has been pretty sick lately but he's always been a bit of a Mommy's boy. You have to understand that this is quite an adjustment for me. Gone are the days of getting anything remotely accomplished outside of taking care of my children's physical and emotional needs. He's got a surgery this week to get tubes in his ears so it will be interesting to see if this clingy behavior is enhanced by physical discomfort, or if he truly is a Mommy's boy. I have to admit that it's nice to experience a bond that I felt was somewhat lacking with my oldest. I used to take it personally. I thought it was a given the Mommy was the favorite! But now, it's just nice to know that my kids have a Daddy that cares enough to give me some stiff competition at being the "favorite."

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sweet? Or just plain Spooky?

So, despite the extra hour of sleep, (courtesy of daylight savings time) we were late AGAIN for church this morning. Every week we get all pumped up. Okay! This is the week, we can do it! Yeah, in some alternate universe called Planet Perfect! Seriously, I will do everything I can possible think of to prepare the day before. Such as, lay clothes out, have diaper bag ect... sitting by the door, bottles made, books for keeping noisy kids quiet ect.. ect... ect... The only thing I haven't been willing to give up is the time I spend getting ready myself. I know some of you are chuckling right now but Sundays are the one day where I feel like I really need to be in my sunday best. That includes brushing my hair and putting my face on. I keep thinking that if I do absolutely NOTHING to get ready to be on time then it actually might happen! Isn't that how it works though? Just when you think that things have fallen perfectly into place the baby has a huge blowout and ruins his clothes. Or, the child who is SO close to being potty trained decides to "practice" just as you are walking out the door. "Mommy, I have to poop!" Aaagh! Of course you remain calm and say, "Oh sure sweetie, let me help you with that. I'm so proud of you for wanting to go like a big boy in the big potty!" NOT! (Need I delve into the alternative response?) Or, they think its this big game, let's run from Mommy and Daddy and rip my nice Sunday clothes off! Are they really that desperate for attention? I guess so.... Well anyway, the whole reason why I'm even posting today is so that I wouldn't forget a conversation I had with my oldest. It was after church and of course he had been talking alot about Jesus and Heavenly Father. This is how it goes...A: "Mommy, I want to go wiv wif Heavny Fader", Mom: "I bet it's nice where Heavenly Father is but I would sure be sad if you left me here on earth." A: "But Mommy, I don't want to do this Earf (earth) anymore, I want to be wif Heavny fader and Jesus." Mom:"I want to be with them too sweetie.." (gulp!gasp!) That was it! It's not every day that you have a conversation with your three year old about their death. (shudder!) Sometimes I wonder how they can understand this whole Eternal Plan we are in. Sometimes I wonder if they are still so very close to Jesus and Heavenly Father because their spirits are so pure. I marvel at it all! On the flip side, it's pretty fun when they use things they've learned to get what they want. Example, A: "Mom, I want to go to the book store wif the Thomas the Train track! Pweese can we go?" Mom: "I'm sorry sweetie we won't have time to go there today because I have to go see the doctor right now." A: "But Mom, the Holy Ghost tells me and in my heart I know that it is true that we need to go to the book store!" Mom: "I think you'd better ask the Holy Ghost again." End of Discussion.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mommy's do get paid

So, I'm sitting next to my 3 year old as he's saying the blessing on the food feeling deeply fulfilled as a mother. As he proceeded to thank God that "Jesus Wuvs me" and that "Mommy wuvs me" (which he says every single time he prays for at least a year now), I couldn't help but feel a twinge of pride. But it wasn't until I heard him say, "and thank yee for my wist that Mommy made me (aka his chore chart), and thank yee that I could do my wist", that I wanted to jump in the air and obnoxiously sing a verse of the "Hallelujah chorus". I have just recently discovered that an actual blood-related child of mine,(ME! a mother with a huge streak of spontanaeity and somewhat overwhelming variety incentive) loves chore charts and schedules! In fact, If ever we slightly deviate from this schedule we invite an onslaught of behavior that is certainly NOT becoming of my little angel. But seriously, don't all you mothers out there live for those moments when you get even just the tiniest glimpse of the fruits of your labors? You know, those all too brief moments when you think you actually might be making an impact on this amazing little person? It only takes one little giggle, slobbery Kiss, or "Thank yee that Mommy wuvs me", to make this exhausting job of ours absolutely 200 % worthwile!
The reason why I've gone on this "mothering" tangent is that in the last few months I've learned to appreciate it so much more then I think ever before. If you haven't noticed,(I know some of you have, hence, the many proddings to get something written in this darn blog of mine!) I haven't posted a new blog in a couple of months. In the midst of making a last-minute decision to enter a graduate program in voice performance, continuing my service as a mother, and starting a career as an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant (I know, glutton for punishment!), I've come to peace with my priorities. I've learned that nothing I pursue in life will ever compare to the joy and fulfillment of motherhood. For years I've had this dream of being a famous opera singer. Now, my dream is to be an amazing wife and mother who will use her talents and abilities for God's purposes. The thrill of performing on stage only lasts so long. Being a mother lasts forever. I determined to make the most of this time while they are young to really be there for them. Of course, every mother does need an outlet which will come through my Mary Kay business. Heck, if you can pamper yourself and bless your family financially, you've got yourself a great deal! All in all, I feel like a truly blessed human being. I'm pleased to report that I think I've found the secret to happiness.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Birthday Party

My oldest turned 3 this week. I can't believe how the time goes. It seems like yesterday that he was a rolly polly just learning how to walk and say a few words. Now he doesn't take naps except on rare occasions, has a definite mind of his own, and is growing out of his 4T clothes at 3 years old! Today I had the fortunate opportunity to go back to days long gone when he asked me to rock him. He must have been in need of some special attention. Because the last time he asked me to rock him was maybe when he was 18 months old! How could I resist? So, I soaked it all in as I rocked my "baby" again. He must have loved it too because he went right to sleep! I'm getting a little emotional as I write this. I feel so fortunate to be the mommy of my two boys. I just hope I can always be there when they ask me to "rock" them.
For his birthday, we decided to fill a fish aquarium that was given to us with some fish that my son picked out of a book. We were lucky to find just the right one at Wal-Mart! We put it together the night before his birthday so he could see it first thing when he woke up on his birthday. He was as thrilled as we had hoped he would be! It felt like Christmas morning as he came down the stairs and said excitedly, "Is there fish in there?!" We spent the rest of the day going to the Wonderlab (a hands-on Children's Science place) and doing whatever else he wanted to do.The birthday party was a blast! Adam really wanted to have a Superman party because for several weeks he's been telling everyone that he's Superman.(By the way, he has never seen the show) So, Grandma sent all the accessories required to have a "Superman" party. Including a Superman costume that he wouldn't wear because he said,"that costume makes me sick". I did however, get him to pose, very enthusiastically I might add, for a quick snapshot. We were so surprised to have so many of his friends come and celebrate. Being the music people that we are, we started out with some fun music that the kids proceeded to dance to. After a rip-roarin' time of dancing and the Limbo we did the cake (which had to be store bought at the last second because my cupcakes got burned after the knob was mysteriously turned to 450 degrees!). The presents were so fun as the friends of the birthday boy helped him open his presents. He loved that they were helping him unwrap them! Then as the grand finale, the kids enjoyed a few minutes of jumping in a giant blow-up jumping thing-a-ma-bob that my friend let me borrow for the party. Unfortunately it began to rain to had to end the fun prematurely. All in all, it was a great time had by all. I hope this is a day he will always remember.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Kids say the darn'dest things

We've been having a problem lately with our oldest hurting the baby. It doesn't seem to matter what we say or do to discipline him. He just doesn't seem to get it! I really don't think he's trying to deliberately hurt him. I just think he wants so bad to wrestle and play rough. So on one of these recent occasions, my husband took him to his room and sat him down. He said, "this has been happening too much and has to stop. What do you think a good consequence for hurting your brother would be?" My son says, "I get chocwit(chocolate)". Heck, I like that! Maybe I should get chocolate every time I yell at him.

Friday, July 28, 2006


So, just a few weeks ago I was telling my friend Ally the my oldest had never been one to make big messes or get into stuff. So I was explaining that I've never had to be overly careful about leaving stuff out. I think I forgot to knock on wood because those days are officially over! I'm redoing my dining room table set and was painting one of the chairs with black paint. I got distracted from what I was doing and had to deal with my baby for a few moments, so forgot to put the paint away. Stupid! I was gone for maybe 10 minutes. I came downstairs to see my son's lovely "artwork" that was plastered all over my dining room and kitchen. Black paint EVERYWHERE! The pictures tell it all. I was very proud of myself because I didn't yell (because, afterall, I DID leave the paint out). I think I almost cried though. As I asked in total breathless disbelief why he did such a thing. He replied with "Sorry...I'm sorry mommy". "But mommy, I was painting wis you yesterday!" I made him help me clean up a little and as he went around with the rag wiping he was fake sniffing and saying, "Mom, I sad about the paint...(sniff,sniff)...Mom, I sad...(sniff, sniff)". As I was expressing my disappointment to my husband when he got home shortly after the incident, I made sure to talk so Adam could hear me. I said, "I feel sad because I think Adam forgot that I was the Queen of the house and didn't listen and obey when I said not to touch the paint" Rob then said to Adam, "Did you forget that mom is the Queen of the house?" Adam, "Yeah, Mom's the queen!" Rob, "If mom's the queen why didn't you listen and obey?" Adam, (very matter-of-factly)"Because I'm the prince!" Well, there you have it!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The fruits of my labors

So I decided to plant a garden this year. I was so excited to bring back a part of my life that were fond memories of my childhood. I think I've only retained the memories of playing outside and having an endless smorgesbord of food at my fingertips to munch on at whim. So I decided to "play house" and introduce a new skill to my homemaking repertoire. However, as romantic as it seemed, I think I'd forgotten all that I learned about the hard work that goes into it. Now that my lettuce has completely gone to seed, my carrots completely suffocating my peas, and the birds and field mice eating big holes in my cabbage, I am pleased to announced that I am reaping the fruits of my labors. In other words, the plants that have received the most attention are actually bearing fruit! And, the plants that have received little to no attention are dying and going to waste. But, my tomatoes have survived! I was so proud of them I had my husband take a picture of my first tomatoes in my very first garden as a housewife! I know, it's pretty silly actually. But, nevertheless, still very proud!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blink and you'll miss it!

I don't know why, but it seems that time is going sooooo much faster with my second child.My almost 7 month old, just started cruising furniture yesterday! He started crawling a few days after he turned six months, which is two months earlier than my first. A couple days after he started crawling, he pulled himself up in his crib! I just can't believe where the time goes. I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to be home with my kids so that I won't miss any of these precious moments. I have to remind myself of these moments because there are many days when I really struggle being home all the time. I get pretty cooped up at times. But, all it takes is a sweet comment like, as said in my oldest's prayer "And thank you for Mom, cuz she's so cute!" Or, a smile and a coo from my baby to make things all better.