Sunday, April 19, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Lately I've been a bit obsessed with self reliance. I'm the Enrichment counselor in the Relief Society presidency in our ward so have been trying to incorporate activities that will encourage the women to become more self reliant. My current baby is the beginning of a community garden. An awesome family in our ward donated a huge plot for us to use. It has been so exciting to see others buy into my vision of what this garden can do for the families in our ward. I don't have pictures of the garden, but here are some starter plants that my boys and I planted several weeks ago that will be transplanted into the community garden. It's sort of hard to see some of them. This is the first time I've tried to do starters , so we'll see how successful they are. At any rate, it's been fun for the boys to learn and help me watch and care for our "babies". In fact, Adam and I had an awesome conversion that began with an observation he had. He observed that Lincoln's flowers were growing faster than his at first, but then his caught up and seemed to be growing faster now. I mentioned briefly that people are kind of like that. In that we all grow at different speeds depending on our personalities, circumstances, talents, and abilities. Sometimes we forget to "feed" our bodies, minds, and spirits and it halts our growth for the time being and we can even begin to wilt and die. Adam thought for a moment then his eyes brightened. He said, "Yeah! Kind of like when the Lamanites and the Nephites took turns being wicked and righteous!" He understood. It prompted me to ponder about what I am doing to feed my mind, body, and spirit. How is my garden growing?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My own Dr. Seuss

In homeschool we've been reading alot of poetry by Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein. We found books that tell about the authors and how they became writers of children's books. We are also learning about how poetry works and how it has a musical rhythm to it. Anyway, Adam was inspired and wanted to write his own book of silly poems. Here they are! I can't help but giggle when I read through them.

Spooky Tales
A book of silly poems
By Adam Brandt

What Day Will I Be Flat?
What day will I be flat?
Maybe it might be Saturday or Friday.
Or maybe it might be on my birthday.
Maybe on Christmas.
When I get flat, I would like to play the piano.
But when I played the piano, I didn’t want to play it anymore.

I Would love to be a Ghost in the Attic
I would love to be a ghost in the attic.
If I were, I would climb down the stairs to the attic
And go haunt people.
Would you want to be a ghost in the attic?
What’s that you say? You say that today is the day
that I’m going to the attic?
Goodbye, I’m going to the attic.

I Cannot Go to Preschool Today
I cannot go to preschool today.
What? What’s that you say? You say today is Saturday?
Goodbye, I’m going out to play.
4 Men in What Tub?
What tub has 4 men?
Do you know what I like to do best?
Math. If you make a 4 into a 5, you might want to
Write in the word “blim-blim” as in “tub-tub”. Or
If you put a 4 to a 6 then it might end up as the word
“piano”. Did you know that pianos have hair?
That’s a very odd question you say, “why did they have hair?”
Because F, 5, and 4 make the words “pianos have hair”.

What Do Chickens Do at Night?
What do chickens do at night? I know what
Chickens do at night. What’s that you say? You say you want to
Know what chickens do at night? I’ll tell you. They make
words out of music notes or numbers. They might put a 4 and a middle C
to make the words “Lamps and pianos have hair”. Did you know
that computers and lamps and pianos eat cereal and oatmeal?
Well, that’s all of my story. Goodbye, I’m going out to play.
What is in that Spooky Cabin?
What is in that spooky cabin? Are there lamps or spooky ghosts?
I do not know. Go ask your dad. What is in that spooky cabin?
Is there a cat or lanterns? I do not know, go ask your pop.
Maybe there is a mysterious ghost. I do not know, go ask your mom.
Goodbye, I’m going out to play.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Our lovely blissfully happy lot in life!

Well, it seems that our lot in life is destined to remain in the male variety. Yep! That's right! We found out today that we are having boy #3! We are so excited. Picking a name is going to be tricky though. Any ideas?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mt. Puanana (Pooh-uh-nah-nah)

This is our latest science project. Adam wanted to make a volcano diorama like his friend Connor. We got on Youtube and found instructions and went to work. At first he was disappointed that it would take several days to complete the project and he had to stop and "rest" a few times because he thought it was SO exhausting! Once it began to take shape though, he was very excited.

Phase 1-Newspaper tower

Phase 2-Plaster
Adam was not too thrilled about the flour and water slop we used to plaster the paper. He'll pick his nose then put his finger in his mouth but he doesn't like to touch flour and water. Go figure!
He thought it very important to go to the draw/erase board and "record" notes about how volcanoes work. A real scientist documents his work.

Phase 3-Painting

Phase 4-Eruption
It was a bit disappointing this first time, so I guess we'll have to practice.

Monday, April 06, 2009

So Proud!

I just wanted to announce that my sweet husband finally passed all of his exams and sang his last recital in Indiana this past week. He is officially ABD (All but dissertation)! I am so proud of him! It has been very tough to be working a full-time faculty position and trying to finish a doctorate degree at the same time. I always appreciate how he keeps his priorities in order. I hope my boys remember that their dad always took the time to be with them and never studied on Sundays. I love you and am so proud of you hon!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

An ongoing frustration

I'm starting to wonder if this kid is going to be potty trained by the time this baby comes! All the cards seem to be in place for it to happen but Lincoln is just too darn busy having fun. He wants to wear "big boys" but doesn't want the trouble of going to the bathroom so usually opts for pullups. I remind him that wearing "big boys" mean that he needs to sit on the potty to practice periodically. When I tell him that he usually says, "Uh,..I'll wear pullups". We started this process several months ago and several times it seemed to be a go. We've tried several things. I even read a book about it which was totally unnecessary for Adam who essentially trained himself by the age of 3. I'm not going to push it but pray hard and cross my fingers that he's done by August!

It's a good thing you're so cute buddy!

Tee Ball

We put Adam in Tee ball this year and he is very excited about it. He really loves baseball and we feel it will give him some good socialization and physical activity while homeschooling. It's been fun watching him do something that he is really quite good at and to see the pleasure he gets from it. It's so funny to watch the kids at this age. Adam always wants to be in the action, otherwise he starts to daydream and watch the dandelions grow. He got to play pitcher for an inning in his first game which made him very happy he did a little jig when he got to his position.

Moments to cherish

A few nights ago, I gave the boys a few minutes to play before bedtime while I checked my email. After awhile I realized that the house was really quiet. This is what I found.

This is what I found that same night after they went to sleep. These are the moments I'll think about when things aren't going quite so smooth.