Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A tiny glimpse into this little personality!

Cheese! This is his face everytime I tell him to say cheese.
Sporting his very cool hat, the bathtub toy basket. Posing very nicely for me.

A common occurance these days. The timeout corner! His favorite phrase right now is "No Way!" His new haircut just this morning! Isn't he sweet! I showed him in the mirror and he said, "Coot!"

Showing Grandpa Brandt his new Jet plane.

What a complete joy this little package of a boy!

Brothers, friends forever! At least I hope....

I don't know how many times a day I say, "Adam! Leave your brother alone!" or, "Not so rough you guys!" or, "Stop, he doesn't like that!". I have 8 brothers, so you'd think I'd be used to how rough boys are with each other. Come to think of it, our home was a regular WWF fighting ring! I have been blessed with a gift that ought to feel natural for me to recieve considering my background. Two very physical "all boy" boys! It's not that they fight all the time. They are just extremely rough when they play so somebody usually gets hurt. I do love, however, that they are absolute buddies. They love each other so much and will play for hours on end together. I remember telling Adam in the hospital room when Lincoln was born that he'll be big enough to play with Adam before long. Boy has time flown by! I was somewhat concerned that their distance in age would mean they may have trouble being close, but time has proven otherwise. I love it when Adam just smiles from ear to ear when Lincoln does something funny or says something smart. He's always anxious to help him out in teaching him how to do many things. Sometimes he loves his brother so much that he just can't keep his hands off him! Now that Lincoln's big enough to fend for himself, he gives Adam a run for his money at times. The other day I captured on film a very funny scene played out by the boys. It is a duel between Harry Potter and the Lone Ranger. Yes, for all you "no gun" mothers out there, they were shooting and killing each other. Sigh! I've sort of given up on that one. Anyway, I love this first picture where they appear to be friends but Adam's got his hand on Lincoln's neck. The Standoff...
Harry Potter attacks as the Lone Ranger says, "Who me?"
Both lay dead in a heap. I guess violence doesn't pay in the end...
I just wish I had charged my video camera battery to capture the belly laughs and giggles as the boys played this little game for at least 30 minutes. Adam would shoot and Lincoln would roll his eyes back in his head and throw his body on the ground. It was hilarious. Life is never boring with these two around!