Sunday, March 22, 2009


Since we began homeschooling Adam, I feel that we have been on such an adventure. As overwhelmed as I was in the beginning, I have come to learn of how truly rewarding homeschool can be. Here are a few fun activities we have done recently.

The boys enjoy bringing out the paints and free painting. At times it is difficult to do school with Adam and keep Lincoln busy or interested. But this is an activity that definitely works. We've studied various painters like VanGogh, Monet, and Renoir.

Adam is obsessed with legos these days. Particulary Star Wars or Indiana Jones legos. Since we refuse to buy him the lego video games (I know, such mean parents!), we try to encourage as much building as we can. He's getting very good at following the instructions. And often likes to create other crafts of his own invention. And there is his loyal little sidekick right there beside him.

The boys helped me get the starters planted for our patio pot garden. We learned about what seeds need to grow and how to plant the seeds differently. Adam was very meticulous about putting the seeds in and did a fantastic job. Now let's just hope they grow! Adam was particularly proud of his gerber daisies he is pointing to in the picture. Lincoln is pointing to the flowers he planted. I have a little trouble getting Adam to smile normal for pictures sometimes.

News of the Week

I suppose most of you know already by now, but I figured I'd make an official announcement on my blog for those that might not know yet. The Brandt's are having another baby! I find out in a couple of weeks what we are having. It's been a pretty rough pregnancy but I now am feeling much better and more myself. They actually have me on a small dose of Zoloft which has helped my moods tremendously. There is definitely a different mix of hormones going on with this pregnancy. So you can imagine we are very anxious to find out the sex. I will be having another c-section. They've scheduled me for the 28th of August for now. I'm a little sceptical about the date because it's a week before my due date. Both my boys had some breathing problems at birth so I worry that that will happen again. Anyway, we are very excited for this next little one. Adam originally wanted a baby sister but now that he realizes that she will probably want to watch princess movies, he's strongly opposed to a sister. He also thinks that the baby should be named "chimpzilla" if it's a boy. Sorry buddy!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is my latest therapy project. The boys are now sharing a queen bed that needed a quilt. Thanks to my friend Aubrey, I've discovered the genius of Fleece backing. No batting required! I had fun designing the pattern. Thanks quilt for a great therapy session!

Monday, March 02, 2009

5 yrs old and rich

Adam: "Mom, when can we go to London?"

Mom: "When we save up enough money to pay our way."

Adam: "Oh, don't worry mom. I've got lots of money in my piggy bank in my room. You can
have all of it."

(Someday he'll learn how very rich I am to be his Mommy!)