Friday, May 23, 2008

Sweet Success

Taking just a moment to express gratitude for a little success we've experienced this week.

We had our very first FHE that didn't involve a significant amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth. Typically I feel like pulling out the WWF costumes and jumping into the ring with these two little roughians I have here. But this time, we had so much fun together. The boys have been obsessed with Abinadi and King Noah for several weeks now so we relived the story with them using gospel art kit pictures. Then we had to teach Lincoln the difference between the prophet Noah and King Noah because he was somewhat confused. He'd point to the picture of the prophet Noah and say, "Dat king Noah?", then to the Wicked King Noah, "Or dat King Noah?". Took awhile but I think he's got it now. Then we went to Dunkin Donuts for Dessert and stopped by the Little League Baseball games for an impromtu watch. All in all a delightful evening spent together as a family.


My Many Coloured Days said...

Yeah! I love to hear about great FHE's... isn't it wonderful! Makes my heart sing. I'm sure the song part at your house sounds beautiful too! Love your new blog look by the way. And it sure was great talking to you yesterday. Glad you blogged again! Hugs.

R & M said...

LOL that's awesome---I can just picture the madness that must be there with those two big personalities. It's awesome that it went so well!

Sarah said...

Your blog looks great! I love it! FHE at our house sounds about the same :)