Monday, September 15, 2008

Ode to a dishwasher

Well, I finally got internet today! I've been without it for almost 3 weeks and it has been driving me nuts! Anyway, alot to catch up on as in the last three weeks we've moved to our new home (love it!) and sent our first child off to kindergarten. But the most important event of my life as of late has been the beautiful joining of woman and dishwasher. Oh how I love this machine! I wish I could hunt down it's inventor and give him/her a big hug and kiss. But, then they would be very uncomfortable as my hug would linger on much too long. Anyway, I just can't even begin to describe the happiness that I have now that this wonderful thing is a part of my life. I'm pretty sure that at least 3 hours a day have become free to do anything I please. I just might have to find a hobby now that I have 3 extra hours a day and only 1 child at home. Hmm...any ideas?


My Many Coloured Days said...

Yeah you're back... and yeah you have a dishwasher. I remember when I posted about my "new best friend" and you thought it was you! Dishwasher and mammas are kindreds, yes?! Can't wait to hear what hobby you pick up and how A is doing in school.

Shawny said...

So good to know you are in your house! I'm jealous of the dishwasher BTW.

Melissa said...

I was thinking just tonight about how many dishes we go through in a single meal-- between the prep and setting the table for 7! I am so glad we have a dish washer-- even if it isn't the worlds best, it serves such a terrific purpose.

Enjoy all your clean dishes!

Melissa said...

Oh, I meant to call you today. Sorry we didn't come to playgroup, we were all set till I noticed the thick green goo coming from Lily and Henry's noses. Didn't want to share the love.

Hope it was fun.