Monday, October 20, 2008

New York, New York!

After a year of living in the East coast, I finally made it to New York City for my first time. Rob was hosting a tour bus to go see the Metropolitan Opera debut of "Dr. Atomic" by John Adams.
It was an incredible day. The first picture was the first thing I saw when I got off the bus at the lincoln center. The Manhattan temple. It's amazing to see Moroni in the middle of New York City. Unfortunately the itinerary of the tour bus did not allow enough time to attend the temple (so sad!). The next picture is the Lincoln center. The building on the left is the New York City Opera. The middle is the Metropolitan Opera house, and the building on the right is the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Behind that building is Julliard School of Music. For a trained opera singer, it's pretty sad that this was my first trip to the Met!

The story of "Dr. Atomic" is about Dr. Oppenheimer and the making of the atomic bomb. The music was riveting as well as the dramatic content as the morals of what happened at Hiroshima are explored. A definite MUST SEE in my book. It was exciting because the composer John Adams was actually there in the audience. The tenor role was sung by a fellow BYU Alumni Thomas Glenn. He was fantastic. Gerald Finley is Rob's favorite baritone of all time and he sang the lead of Oppenheimer. I wasn't terribly impressed with the new mezzo-soprano who was making her Met debut. She seemed very young and somewhat non-committal dramatically. Beautiful voice though. Being in that historic place certainly got my blood going again to get back on stage. Oh, how I miss performing!


Katie said...

What fun! I'm glad you got a chance to go, and with Rob. Anytime you feel like singin', I'm pretty sure we could round up a pretty decent audience.:) Just let us know. It's kinda like Field of Dreams..."if you Build [or sing] it they will come..." :)... you know it's true

What Matters Most said...

Better late than never. I am so glad you go to go. Sounds like fun.