Monday, July 27, 2009

Smart Mom

A message Adam's primary teacher sent me today on facebook. Totally made my day! I sure love this kid!

"So in Primary today we were talking about how parents help teach their children about the gospel. We were asking the kids in general what their parents teach them and Adam said "My mom teaches me everything in the whole world!" Throughout the course of the lesson he and Elli were arguing about that even being possible and then Adam looked over at me really sad and said "Ellie doesnt believe that my mom taught me everything in the whole world!" It was SO cute! I told him "Well, its not really possible to know everything in the whole world, but Ill bet your mom teaches you everything she knows and that is a lot of stuff because she is pretty smart." He just looked at me and said "ok"... didn't seem overly convinced but at least wasn't still upset at Elli :)
It was really sweet tho that he was so upset that someone didn't believe that you knew everything in the whole world and taught it all to him. Just thought I would share :)"

I'm so glad Adam has such amazing teachers! Thanks Tiffany for being so patient with him!


Tiffany Fischer said...

Awww Im glad it made your day. He is a good kid and really smart. We enjoy having him in class, even if he does does make fighting noises or ninja moves sometimes out of the blue :)

Another quick story for you by the way... for part of the lesson one day we had the kids make a smiley face on one side of the paper and a frowny face on the other. We were talking about how certain situations make us feel or would make others feel, teaching them how we should treat others and think about our actions affect others.

I made a silly smiley face with a huge open mouthed grin on one side and a frowny face with its tongue sticking out on the other. Adam was a little energetic that day and kept putting his paper up to his face so I started putting mine up to my face then moving it aside and making the same silly face as my drawing was. He was cracking up and started doing the same. We were probably not all that helpful to the lesson but it was a small class and he was getting distracted anyway. It was fun playing with him, he is a goofy kid and cracks me up.

singin'mama said...

You guys are so perfect for him! Thanks again!

Missy said...

So fun! I just tried to catch up on things, and WOW! Congrats on the new little man! Your kids are so great! I mean, "rotten" (I love that story)! Congrats on the homeschooling decision, I hope that's going well for you! I am always learning so much from you!