Saturday, August 08, 2009

First lost tooth

Adam finally lost his first tooth a few days ago. All of his friends his age have been losing teeth left and right. He was beginning to feel pretty left out. He was very excited to have a visit from the tooth fairy. (Although the tooth fairy and his assistant had a bit of a disagreement on how much money to leave under the pillow. His assistant, thought a dollar would be more than generous. Mr. Fairy suggested five dollars with the argument of inflation! After his assistant choked a bit on her water, she reminded him that he would have to give 5 dollars every time he lost a tooth. The assistant won.) I overheard Adam saying this to his dad, " Dad, I believe the tooth fairy is real but you know it's not really real so you put the dollar under my pillow." He is such a smart kid. So imaginative yet such a realist. I remember pointing to the sky one time and saying, "look Adam! I see a bunny rabbit!" Adam's response, "Mom, that's a cloud." No use arguing. Seems like just yesterday that he was getting that very tooth in!