Friday, September 18, 2009

Palmer 8 days old pictures

thanks Jeff and Maren for awesome pictures!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Palmer Joseph Brandt has arrived

It's been over a week an high time I put it on my blog. My number 3 boy, Palmer Joseph Brandt, was born Friday August 28th at 7:59 am via scheduled c-section. He was 8 lbs. 20 inches long. This was by far the best experience of the 3. I was much healthier this pregnancy and was able to be very active throughout. In fact, the day before we had the inspector come so Rob and I were out nailing side rails and brackets onto our back steps that morning so they would pass inspection. I can confidently tell all those men in my ward that I knew what I was doing shoveling compost out of trucks at 5 and 6 months pregnant. My body just doesn't go into labor on it's own, period. I might pull a muscle or two, but not a single contraction will occur. Anyway, I was very relieved when Palmer first emerged and let out a healthy cry. My other two were promptly wisked away to special care for breathing problems and I didn't get to hold or feed them for several hours after. This time, I was able to hold him in my arms as they wheeled me out of surgery to recovery. What a blessing to have that experience for the first time. I also didn't throw up at all after surgery when I typically endure several hours of relentless vomiting. So I was perky as a peacock all that day! Of course when you start taking care of baby and nursing around the clock, you're not so perky and lack of sleep catches up to you. We had bit of a rough go at nursing in the beginning but are doing great now. He is such a precious little guy! His two brothers love him so much and can't get enough. Especially Adam. He'll just stare at him and say, "Ooooohh! He's sooooo cute!" I can't describe the feelings of love and gratitude I feel being a Mommy again. There's nothing quite as hard, nothing quite as special.