Friday, July 28, 2006


So, just a few weeks ago I was telling my friend Ally the my oldest had never been one to make big messes or get into stuff. So I was explaining that I've never had to be overly careful about leaving stuff out. I think I forgot to knock on wood because those days are officially over! I'm redoing my dining room table set and was painting one of the chairs with black paint. I got distracted from what I was doing and had to deal with my baby for a few moments, so forgot to put the paint away. Stupid! I was gone for maybe 10 minutes. I came downstairs to see my son's lovely "artwork" that was plastered all over my dining room and kitchen. Black paint EVERYWHERE! The pictures tell it all. I was very proud of myself because I didn't yell (because, afterall, I DID leave the paint out). I think I almost cried though. As I asked in total breathless disbelief why he did such a thing. He replied with "Sorry...I'm sorry mommy". "But mommy, I was painting wis you yesterday!" I made him help me clean up a little and as he went around with the rag wiping he was fake sniffing and saying, "Mom, I sad about the paint...(sniff,sniff)...Mom, I sad...(sniff, sniff)". As I was expressing my disappointment to my husband when he got home shortly after the incident, I made sure to talk so Adam could hear me. I said, "I feel sad because I think Adam forgot that I was the Queen of the house and didn't listen and obey when I said not to touch the paint" Rob then said to Adam, "Did you forget that mom is the Queen of the house?" Adam, "Yeah, Mom's the queen!" Rob, "If mom's the queen why didn't you listen and obey?" Adam, (very matter-of-factly)"Because I'm the prince!" Well, there you have it!


Ally said...

YOU WIN, KARA! I can honestly say that none of my stinkers have made a mess that bad...hehehehhe....! You're little prince has taken over the throne!

Maria said...


My mother in-law and I just laughed and laughed at this story and picture. Sure miss you guys. OH and I met your nephew today!

My Many Coloured Days said...

Oh Kara - I would have yelled! Greg saw this picture and as his eyes grew wide he said, loudly, "Holy Crap!!!" Please do share how you cleaned up all that paint! (Your table looks great by the way).