Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sweet? Or just plain Spooky?

So, despite the extra hour of sleep, (courtesy of daylight savings time) we were late AGAIN for church this morning. Every week we get all pumped up. Okay! This is the week, we can do it! Yeah, in some alternate universe called Planet Perfect! Seriously, I will do everything I can possible think of to prepare the day before. Such as, lay clothes out, have diaper bag ect... sitting by the door, bottles made, books for keeping noisy kids quiet ect.. ect... ect... The only thing I haven't been willing to give up is the time I spend getting ready myself. I know some of you are chuckling right now but Sundays are the one day where I feel like I really need to be in my sunday best. That includes brushing my hair and putting my face on. I keep thinking that if I do absolutely NOTHING to get ready to be on time then it actually might happen! Isn't that how it works though? Just when you think that things have fallen perfectly into place the baby has a huge blowout and ruins his clothes. Or, the child who is SO close to being potty trained decides to "practice" just as you are walking out the door. "Mommy, I have to poop!" Aaagh! Of course you remain calm and say, "Oh sure sweetie, let me help you with that. I'm so proud of you for wanting to go like a big boy in the big potty!" NOT! (Need I delve into the alternative response?) Or, they think its this big game, let's run from Mommy and Daddy and rip my nice Sunday clothes off! Are they really that desperate for attention? I guess so.... Well anyway, the whole reason why I'm even posting today is so that I wouldn't forget a conversation I had with my oldest. It was after church and of course he had been talking alot about Jesus and Heavenly Father. This is how it goes...A: "Mommy, I want to go wiv wif Heavny Fader", Mom: "I bet it's nice where Heavenly Father is but I would sure be sad if you left me here on earth." A: "But Mommy, I don't want to do this Earf (earth) anymore, I want to be wif Heavny fader and Jesus." Mom:"I want to be with them too sweetie.." (gulp!gasp!) That was it! It's not every day that you have a conversation with your three year old about their death. (shudder!) Sometimes I wonder how they can understand this whole Eternal Plan we are in. Sometimes I wonder if they are still so very close to Jesus and Heavenly Father because their spirits are so pure. I marvel at it all! On the flip side, it's pretty fun when they use things they've learned to get what they want. Example, A: "Mom, I want to go to the book store wif the Thomas the Train track! Pweese can we go?" Mom: "I'm sorry sweetie we won't have time to go there today because I have to go see the doctor right now." A: "But Mom, the Holy Ghost tells me and in my heart I know that it is true that we need to go to the book store!" Mom: "I think you'd better ask the Holy Ghost again." End of Discussion.