Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mommy's do get paid

So, I'm sitting next to my 3 year old as he's saying the blessing on the food feeling deeply fulfilled as a mother. As he proceeded to thank God that "Jesus Wuvs me" and that "Mommy wuvs me" (which he says every single time he prays for at least a year now), I couldn't help but feel a twinge of pride. But it wasn't until I heard him say, "and thank yee for my wist that Mommy made me (aka his chore chart), and thank yee that I could do my wist", that I wanted to jump in the air and obnoxiously sing a verse of the "Hallelujah chorus". I have just recently discovered that an actual blood-related child of mine,(ME! a mother with a huge streak of spontanaeity and somewhat overwhelming variety incentive) loves chore charts and schedules! In fact, If ever we slightly deviate from this schedule we invite an onslaught of behavior that is certainly NOT becoming of my little angel. But seriously, don't all you mothers out there live for those moments when you get even just the tiniest glimpse of the fruits of your labors? You know, those all too brief moments when you think you actually might be making an impact on this amazing little person? It only takes one little giggle, slobbery Kiss, or "Thank yee that Mommy wuvs me", to make this exhausting job of ours absolutely 200 % worthwile!
The reason why I've gone on this "mothering" tangent is that in the last few months I've learned to appreciate it so much more then I think ever before. If you haven't noticed,(I know some of you have, hence, the many proddings to get something written in this darn blog of mine!) I haven't posted a new blog in a couple of months. In the midst of making a last-minute decision to enter a graduate program in voice performance, continuing my service as a mother, and starting a career as an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant (I know, glutton for punishment!), I've come to peace with my priorities. I've learned that nothing I pursue in life will ever compare to the joy and fulfillment of motherhood. For years I've had this dream of being a famous opera singer. Now, my dream is to be an amazing wife and mother who will use her talents and abilities for God's purposes. The thrill of performing on stage only lasts so long. Being a mother lasts forever. I determined to make the most of this time while they are young to really be there for them. Of course, every mother does need an outlet which will come through my Mary Kay business. Heck, if you can pamper yourself and bless your family financially, you've got yourself a great deal! All in all, I feel like a truly blessed human being. I'm pleased to report that I think I've found the secret to happiness.


My Many Coloured Days said...

So glad you've found the secret! Thanks for sharing and welcome back you amazing Mommy! I still vote that you post your fabulous charts and schedules here for all to see!

singin'mama said...

I'm happy to post them if I knew how to do it. I just have them saved in Microsoft Publisher. Any hints? I'm glad someone is still checking my blog!

The Crew said...

I was so glad that you finally posted something new! I check your blog almost every time I get on the computer, and I was beginning to lose hope! I miss you! Love you! Katie