Sunday, November 12, 2006

Memories to cherish

So the other day we decided to take a much needed break and go outside for a bit since it was a whopping 70 degrees outside! My 10 month old just had tubes put in his ears this week so we've been cooped up for a few days dealing with Mr. Fussy. We were just going for a walk when I eyeballed the best spot for leaf frolicking.
It was so perfect. Because it was so warm the leaves were pretty dry. Hence, no unwanted sliminess hidden beneath all the fun. We borrowed a rake from the neighbors and made a pile of leaves that would have made the most avid leaf jumpers proud. Just as we were getting started, good o'le Daddy came home from school so we were able to enjoy a few moments together as a family. These are the days when I take a deep breath and say, "Life is good". This may be our last full fall in Indiana so I couldn't help but ponder on the past few years as we played. We've enjoyed our time here so much even though it has had it's struggles. We will never forget the amazing friendships we've formed and all the great memories. I hope that we will always look on this time in our lives with fondness.


My Many Coloured Days said...

Thoughts from your post:
He's 10 months?!
Love A's haircut!
You look HOT - I can't allow myself to use the other word to describe you online!
This is your last fall here?
Missing you.
Call me.

The Crew said...

I didn't know you might leave Indiana. What are your plans? Oh, so Noah has the exact same shirt as Lincoln. I'm not kidding. It's cute. Love you! Katie

Ally said...

You do great posts and they're fun to read! DO MORE OF THEM!!!