Sunday, November 26, 2006

Life is good if you make it

So, it's been a few weeks. Much has happened. My 11 month old is officially walking! My 3 yr. old can't decide if he's Superman or a princess (Just kidding, he just did it for the picture). I love being a Mom, my Mary Kay business is growing faster than expected ( I worked 8 hrs on Friday and sold $800 dollars of product, $400 in my pocket! And had my first recruit submit her paperwork!), My husband found out that there are a total of 15 job openings for next fall which is rare, And I've learned the secret of life! Other stuff has happened too but that's it in a nutshell. I highly recommend going on and watch the film called "The Secret". I guarantee that it is well worth the 4.95 and you will be uplifted. I don't know, what more I can say. I'm Happy! Life is crazy and hard but OH SO GOOD!...If that's what we choose to make it...Make it a great day!


Ally said...

Congrats on your Mary Kay success, Kara! I love reading your exciting posts so keep posting on more often!!!