Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Lincoln

This is a bit overdue. Still catching up from all the holiday adventures and craziness. While we were in Louisiana, our little baby boy turned 2! He's not really a baby anymore. I think back almost three years ago when he wasn't even a thought. He was actually quite a surprise in the sense that he came to our family much sooner than expected. How grateful I am for the Lord's timing! I can't imagine our little family with out this little ray of sunshine. He is my mama's boy, my little snuggler with the dimple in his cheek. I love you my little boy Lincoln!

Lincoln made pretty short order of the cake with a little help from his brother!


My Many Coloured Days said...

Wow - two already?! I still think of curls when I think of that little darling. Oh, and I love that his foot is up on the table!!!

Sarah said...

I loved the picture with his little foot on the table too! I can't believe he's two! He looks so much like his brother in the pictures! It's so fun to read your blog-your family looks and sounds fantastic! I love your hair!

Shawny said...

Look at those cute little boys! I honestly can't believe Lincoln is two. It just seems like yesterday that you had him all dressed up in those cute little baby outfits.