Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hello from Adam

Adam was really missing all his friends from Indiana. So, I'm letting him borrow my blog today so that he can say hello. The rest is a message from Adam.

Tyler, Isaac,Adam, and Alex Odell,

I miss you all and I love you. I'm coming to visit in a couple of months so I hope I can have a playdate at Isaac's with all of you. I have a couple friends in Maryland but I still really miss you guys. I'm a CTR 5 now in primary. I learned a new word called "Self-Control" in my karate class. Karate is really fun. I saw the "Spirit of St. Louis" airplane in Washington D.C. That was so cool I did that! I went on the Metro to go to the Space Museum. I liked how fast it went. I liked the tunnels it went through. I loved the art museum. I loved the painting of the Japanese bridge. I loved getting presents from Grandpa Palmer in Louisiana. I saw an Alligator ranch. I saw the turtles poke their heads out in the pond by Grandma and Grandpa's apartment. I'm having fun here, but I'll be glad to play with my friends again in Indiana.



Lynnette said...

Adam, you sure can have a playdate at Isaac's house when you come. Just let us know when you will be here. Isaac and Adam miss you too. Loved the video!

My Many Coloured Days said...

Dear Adam,

We love you and we miss you too. I'm a CTR 5 too (mr. T) and I'm a sunbeam (little e). I am really excited that we'll be able to see you at Adam's house and we'll have a fun day. When can we go to your house? Love Miss J, Mr. T & Little E

singin'mama said...

You can come to my house after I come to your house. I have a light saber so we can play Star Wars now. I'm excited to see all of you!