Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring Break in Washington D.C.

We had a wonderful day in Washington D.C. this last week as Rob had his spring break. We enjoyed a morning at the temple where Rob did a session and I took the boys to the visitor's center and watched the Joseph Smith movie. We love the D.C. temple. It is such an amazing structure and as you can see from the picture. It's one of the largest temples I think. The boys love seeing the temple on the horizon as we approach D.C. It is becoming tradition for the boys to come into the visitor's center and sit in front of the Christus statue and listen to the message from the Savior. Then they like to climb on the statue much to our frustration at times. After the temple we took the boys to the Smithsonian Zoo. Washington D.C. is one of the greatest places to visit with your kids because so many amazing locations are free of charge and they are extremely high quality. All of the Smithsonian museums/locations are free of charge. The boy's favorite thing to see were the Panda bears and the Golden haired Tamarin monkeys. It was a pretty rainy day so we spent most of our time in the indoor attractions.


Shawny said...

What a fabulous trip! I've always wanted to see the DC temple in person. I'm sure it was just so beautiful. You are definitley having some really great and memorable times there. What fun!

R & M said...

This post totally made my day. Lincoln is getting to be so big! PLUS I wanted to tell you something funny--- Remember my roommate Kristen? She was called to be ward choir leader a week before Easter and was asked to throw something together for Easter! She found Because He Lives and scrolled up to listen to it and just about fell over when she saw who there was a recording of!! She used that song and she said it went over really well, but thought it was quite a coincidence!

I sure miss you guys---I listened to the recording and it made me remember how much i miss hearing you guys perform and just see ya. You are too much fun to live so far away...What's the deal? =) Look forward to seeing you at John's wedding, love you