Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mt. Puanana (Pooh-uh-nah-nah)

This is our latest science project. Adam wanted to make a volcano diorama like his friend Connor. We got on Youtube and found instructions and went to work. At first he was disappointed that it would take several days to complete the project and he had to stop and "rest" a few times because he thought it was SO exhausting! Once it began to take shape though, he was very excited.

Phase 1-Newspaper tower

Phase 2-Plaster
Adam was not too thrilled about the flour and water slop we used to plaster the paper. He'll pick his nose then put his finger in his mouth but he doesn't like to touch flour and water. Go figure!
He thought it very important to go to the draw/erase board and "record" notes about how volcanoes work. A real scientist documents his work.

Phase 3-Painting

Phase 4-Eruption
It was a bit disappointing this first time, so I guess we'll have to practice.


Tiffany Fischer said...

So cute! You get to do so much fun stuff with the kids while home-schooling them that there just isnt time for when they are in school. Adam is such a funny kid, i love that he was taking notes at the dry erase board to document his work :)

Maria said...

I LOVE that this was documented so that we could see it. What a cool experiment!

My Many Coloured Days said...

We've just been working on a volcanoe as well... but didn't take any pictures :( So fun. Boys seem to love science so much, and anything that helps bring history to life is a huge plus! You are a good mama!