Sunday, April 05, 2009

An ongoing frustration

I'm starting to wonder if this kid is going to be potty trained by the time this baby comes! All the cards seem to be in place for it to happen but Lincoln is just too darn busy having fun. He wants to wear "big boys" but doesn't want the trouble of going to the bathroom so usually opts for pullups. I remind him that wearing "big boys" mean that he needs to sit on the potty to practice periodically. When I tell him that he usually says, "Uh,..I'll wear pullups". We started this process several months ago and several times it seemed to be a go. We've tried several things. I even read a book about it which was totally unnecessary for Adam who essentially trained himself by the age of 3. I'm not going to push it but pray hard and cross my fingers that he's done by August!

It's a good thing you're so cute buddy!


My Many Coloured Days said...

Yeah I'm so excited for you to be having another baby - do you know what it is yet? You guys look like you are having fun and really enjoying life - even while pregnant!!! Miss ya.