Thursday, August 10, 2006

Birthday Party

My oldest turned 3 this week. I can't believe how the time goes. It seems like yesterday that he was a rolly polly just learning how to walk and say a few words. Now he doesn't take naps except on rare occasions, has a definite mind of his own, and is growing out of his 4T clothes at 3 years old! Today I had the fortunate opportunity to go back to days long gone when he asked me to rock him. He must have been in need of some special attention. Because the last time he asked me to rock him was maybe when he was 18 months old! How could I resist? So, I soaked it all in as I rocked my "baby" again. He must have loved it too because he went right to sleep! I'm getting a little emotional as I write this. I feel so fortunate to be the mommy of my two boys. I just hope I can always be there when they ask me to "rock" them.
For his birthday, we decided to fill a fish aquarium that was given to us with some fish that my son picked out of a book. We were lucky to find just the right one at Wal-Mart! We put it together the night before his birthday so he could see it first thing when he woke up on his birthday. He was as thrilled as we had hoped he would be! It felt like Christmas morning as he came down the stairs and said excitedly, "Is there fish in there?!" We spent the rest of the day going to the Wonderlab (a hands-on Children's Science place) and doing whatever else he wanted to do.The birthday party was a blast! Adam really wanted to have a Superman party because for several weeks he's been telling everyone that he's Superman.(By the way, he has never seen the show) So, Grandma sent all the accessories required to have a "Superman" party. Including a Superman costume that he wouldn't wear because he said,"that costume makes me sick". I did however, get him to pose, very enthusiastically I might add, for a quick snapshot. We were so surprised to have so many of his friends come and celebrate. Being the music people that we are, we started out with some fun music that the kids proceeded to dance to. After a rip-roarin' time of dancing and the Limbo we did the cake (which had to be store bought at the last second because my cupcakes got burned after the knob was mysteriously turned to 450 degrees!). The presents were so fun as the friends of the birthday boy helped him open his presents. He loved that they were helping him unwrap them! Then as the grand finale, the kids enjoyed a few minutes of jumping in a giant blow-up jumping thing-a-ma-bob that my friend let me borrow for the party. Unfortunately it began to rain to had to end the fun prematurely. All in all, it was a great time had by all. I hope this is a day he will always remember.


Maria said...

I wish I could have been there!