Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back in the Game!

I know many of you have probably given up on even looking at my blog anymore because It has been several months since my last entry. Let's just say that journaling has never been a strong point of mine. I was not your typical teenager with a diary filled front to back. Come to think of it, I probably would have been a healthier teenager had I taken the time to write things down. Anyway, as always, much has happened since my last blog. So rather than try to make up for lost time, I'll just give a few highlights.
Adam is getting bigger and more grown-up every day. I forget that he's only 3 1/2! I love watching him play with other children and see how he interacts with them. He is a natural leader and is very concerned with his relationships with other people. Just yesterday he was playing with a new friend who was telling him he wasn't nice. It really upset him so he said, "she said I'm not nice! But I am nice!" So to show her his displeasure at her comment, he hit her with his spoon. Go figure! Way to show 'er Adam! If Rob and I get into any type of serious discussion, Adam will furrow his brow and come up to us and say, "stop stay stupid sings(things)!" Everything he doesn't like seems to be stupid these days. The credit for that goes to my husband who brought Charlie Brown home from the library. (Lucy probably calls Charlie Brown stupid at least 15 times per episode!)
Adam is trying really hard to be a better big brother too. Just today I was noticing how Lincoln is starting to hit. I said something like, "See Adam. Lincoln watches you and is learning things he shouldn't." Adam Said, "Yeah, I know Mom but now I'm teaching him to say please." We are enjoying his prayers more as he is trying to mix them up a bit more. Sometimes we are blown away with the sweet things he'll say. It's always great because it seems that prompltly after the prayer he'll whallop is brother in the face! Boys!
Lincoln is almost 15 months old. He no longer is a baby and is so stinking smart! He's saying lots of words and is quite a determined little daredevil. He's figuring out how to place things just right so he can climb up on things. He's also got quite the head of curly hair! My mother-in-law gently hinted that he's starting to look like a girl. Hint well taken. however, I can't bring myself to cut his hair just yet.

I also need to include something that I promised I would post and haven't yet. For Valentine's Day I surprised my husband by toing a TLC treatment to our bedroom. It had become the dumping ground of the house and completely uninspiring and unromantic! I forgot to take before pics but I'm sure there are some of you out there that can imagine how bad it was! We didn't even have a bedframe so we were on the floor and there were piles and piles of laundry that had sort of become nondescript as to whether they were clean or dirty piles. Anyway, it was quite an adventure but here are the after photos. Between Adam stepping in the paint pail and dumping a huge pile of brown paint on the carpet, and the power going out while all the new linens were in the washer, and Rob coming home from rehearsal 4 hours early due to bad weather, this is the miraculous end result. Enjoy!

(UGGH! I can't get this program to download the pictures! I'll have to add them later. Sorry!)


Lawwife said...

YEAH!!! I'm so glad your blogging again. I love to read about your adventures. Keep them coming.

singin'mama said...

I'm glad to see someone is still reading them!

Laney said...

I check in on occasion too, Kara. You need to stay "in the game"-- it's fun to get sneak peeks into your life...