Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mother of Boys

I think when women become mothers there's an instinct that comes out in us that I'm pretty sure we're born with. That is the "I'm worried my kid is going to grow up to be an ax murderer" syndrome. You know, the tendency to worry about how their current actions is going to shape the rest of their life.
I have boys. Enough said.
Well, maybe not everyone can relate to this. But my boys, especially the oldest one, seems to have an overwhelming amount of testosterone (spell?). The immense need to protect his territory and be the King of the Hill, or something like that. Why can't he just walk past his 15 month old brother like a normal person?! Why is there that irrepressible urge to knock him over when he comes within 10 feet of him?! Why can't boys play nice! This morning I got desperate and gave my oldest son the "Laman and Lemual" speech with the plea of "I need Nephi's in my house!". (most of you will know what I'm talking about w/o going into further detail) My brother-in-law keeps reassureing me that brothers beating on each other is totally normal behavior and that I shouldn't worry. But I can't help wonder if my son will be the next one you see on the news with all the mothers sitting in front of the television saying, "where was that boys mother!".Then there will be moments when he's just totally tender and sweet and I realize that he does have a heart and he does care about his brother. I'm starting to see my youngest exhibit some of the same behaviors and I start worrying again. Great! Now I've got two ax murderers in the house! Okay, so i'm a little dramatic. I just need to give this little worrying mother head of mine a rest!

P.S. evidently the pictures I took of my new bedroom are the problem. So, if you want to see the finished product, come to my house!


Lawwife said...

Add my son to the list of the future ax murderers. Maybe we could start a support group?

My Many Coloured Days said...

Why do you think I wanted a girl this time?! (PS - I nearly fell off my chair when I checked your site and saw you were posting again - keep shocking me busy mama!)

Missy said...

Yup. Mine too. All three.