Sunday, September 09, 2007


So, it's been like six months since I've made an entry into my blog. And I'm sure that everyone who ever checked it has completely given up and won't even read this entry. But, for my own benefit, I feel a need to point out my hypocracy. Since we have moved recently (updates and all of that forthcoming), I've decided to read my profile and update anything that may need it. As I was reading about myself, I was just shaking my head in disgust. I realized that I haven't written a darn thing that "warrants" being written down for six months! My life is full of unforgettable moments. But I'm too busy living my life to stop and write them down! As I was visiting with my Dad about some recent events, he being an excessively diligent journal keeper, reminded me that my posterity might enjoy reading about these events. I've always neglected journal keeping. I'm not sure why because I had excellent examples all around growing up. I'm not kidding! My dad literally has written volumes and volumes of his every day life, spiritual impressions, ect... I find that when I start writing, I realize how out of touch I am with myself and it's a little scary. I enjoy helping others and being aware of my external environment. But when it comes to looking inward, I'm afraid that I don't do it often. I also think I'm somewhat lazy and impatient. I get antsy sitting and writing. Especially in a blog situation when I know others, who happen to be amazing writers, are reading this! I sometimes feel pressure to write things with proper grammar that has content of interest. I'd really like to make more of an effort. So, for any of you that still love me and haven't given up on my slacker blog, you will get first dibs on my renewed efforts to improve.


Lawwife said...

I never gave up on you. I checked your blog several times a week hoping I'd see something different. I"m so happy you're starting again!

kendra said...

i've been checking and was left dissapointed! so sad we couldn't have seen you before you left! i can't wait to "hear" about your new adventures in that part of the country!

Laney said...

I also kept checking-- I'm so excited that you are writing again. Don't stress over writing; just be yourself and you and the rest of us will enjoy it!