Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Brandt Show

I'm enjoying some down time after church today as it was a busier day than usual. Basically it was the Brandt show in sacrament. Rob is the new choir director replacing a man who was the director for 10 years, extremely loved by all in the ward, who died suddenly a few months before we got here. He left quite the legacy with an amazing dedication to the ward choir. No pulling teeth to get people to come to this one. It was extremely emotional for all the members for the first few weeks because they missed Charlie, but they really enjoy Rob. Anyway, the choir sang for the first time since Charlie died. And we were asked to be the speakers as well. So it was a fun juggling act with our kids who got up too early and didn't eat a very good breakfast. I was very impressed that we even made it there on time! I guess there really is something to having everything ready the night before (It's kind of a new thing for me). I still wonder how people do it with more than two! Phew! I've been called to teach Sunbeams which is so funny to me because Rob and I have switched places. In Indiana, I was the ward choir director and he taught Sunbeams. I'm pretty sure I have a huge lesson in patience to learn because I can already tell I'm not cut out for it. Adam is a bit of a handful on his own, but we have a pretty large group of energetic boys. I'm glad it's primary program time though, because I haven't had to prepare a lesson yet. My sweet husband just helped me make lunch, picked up the kitchen, put Lincoln to bed, and is now reading to Adam. Sigh! If any of you have read "Raising Your Spirited Child", I'm pretty sure that I'm a spirited adult. All this stimulation has got me pooped! I know this is sort of a boring entry. So I'll end by showing some cute pics of the boys. These were taken in mid-September at Walmart.
Pretty cute boys eh? They're my favorite!


My Many Coloured Days said...

You will be such a GREAT sunbeam teacher - I can totally picture you from Joy School! That is funny that you two have switched places though! Not a boring entry at all, Kara, I love hearing what you guys are up to - and obviously busy and thriving! Your boys are adorable - and so grown up. (Oh, and as for juggling more than two - it can't be done, at least one ball gets dropped!) Miss you.

Shawny said...

Cute pictures Kara! Lincoln is looking so grown up.

Missy said...

Your boys are SO big and handsome! Thanks for the photos. And, I have read "Raising your Spirited Child" and I'm pretty sure it's going to save my sanity and my children's lives, and yes, I'd say you're one Spirited Adult! So's Conan, though you might not guess it.

Angela said...

Your boys are so cute Kara!

Miss you,