Sunday, September 30, 2007

Groovin' in Maryland

I feel like I'm getting a bit more adapted to my new environment here in Maryland. I think I actually feel more normal! Which feels kind of weird because I've been living in the crazy world for about 8 months. I'm starting to establish a routine. The church community here is amazing and very welcoming here. I'm making some great friends too.
I've started this cool quilting project with the ladies in the Relief Society, which has allowed me some fun social relaxation time I haven't had in a really long time. There are some pretty fun characters in the group. (To illustrate a little better for my friend Renee, I'm not the exotic one anymore! That's okay cuz I'll always be exotic to you, right?) I have been impressed with how so many women from extremely different walks of life and age groups can meld so well like real sisters do. I feel very much at home and very blessed to be a part of it.
I went to the Ward Food storage trip to the cannery yesterday and had a blast. I've never done that before. When I went to BYU, my mom sent me away with some boxes of food storage from the cannery, so I knew what to look for. But I've never had the opportunity to go and do it myself. I'm excited to get more serious about food storage and emergency preparedness. I think I might start making bread again. I've always enjoyed doing that but it does take a little bit of effort.
I also got a job as a barter mom at a gym working in the childcare room. I only work two days a week from 9-11:30 and I get to work out for a whole hour of that period. So basically, I work for three hours a week and I get a full membership to the gym with all the perks! Maybe I'll be able to get this tired body healthy again. What a concept! I'm not sure I remember what that feels like but I'm anxious to find out! This also gets the boys out of the house with some fun play time with other kids their age. All in all, a win-win situation!
I'm getting more serious about starting my voice studio again. There seems to be an excellent market for that here. I've already got three potential students! This will keep me singing which will be good therapy I think. Maybe I should knit some cute house slippers like my old piano teacher had when she taught in her home. Then it would be official!
It's nice to be in a groove again vs. survival-life-plummeting-out of control mode. That's the rhythm of life right? Ebb and flow. You've got to have the storm to appreciate the calm and vice versa.


Shawny said...

Look at you go! It's so awesome to hear how at home you are making it there. Maryland is lucky to have you.

The Wilsons said...

This is fantastic! I'm so glad things are going so well for you, even though the move seems to have been a little (LITTLE?!?) hectic!

Do I need to knit some house slippers? I'm teaching piano... Hmmmmm. I've always felt like there was a little something missing... ;)

I hope that you continue to have fun with all that you're doing. I wish I could get excited about working out--I am a total WIMP!!!!! Perhaps I should be inspired by your fine example. We shall see how brave I can be...

My Many Coloured Days said...

Always and forever exotic! (You know I was just thinking how I NEVER saw your master bedroom painted... total tangent, sorry, but I think I missed out!) So glad you and your family are doing so well. Thanks for confirming that there IS life after Orchard Glen!

Shawny said...

Renee--I can confirm. I was one of the lucky ones to see the master bedroom and it rocked! Kara has a real decorator's touch.

Missy said...

I'm so glad you're starting to get into the flow over there. I'm still working on that, but it will come. Congrats on getting some students and finding a great way to get in shape! You rock, Momma!