Sunday, September 09, 2007

Quick update

The Brandt family has moved to Elkton, Maryland. I apologize to any of you who had no idea this happened yet. It was a last minute move and very stressful at that. There really wasn't alot of time to inform everyone until the deed was done. So, here's the official update.

Rob got a call at the end of July from the University of Delaware inviting him out to audition for a voice faculty position. We were surprised to get this call after a long spring and summer of sending numerous applications only to find out that he was not considered for each one. He flew out for an audition in August and they hired him on the spot. We had a really good feeling about Delaware all along. We know that this was meant to be. Rob is very excited about this opportunity because he has come in at a time when they are starting fresh rebuilding the voice program. The other faculty members are extremely pleased with what he has to offer and have been dropping hints left and right that they would love to keep him long term once the University officially makes his position eligible for tenure track. So, we found this cute little 2 bedroom ranch home with a large fenced-in yard for the boys across the border in Elkton, MD.
Moving here was, for lack of a better expression, a complete nightmare. But we're here and getting more settled every day. I'm excited about my performance and teaching opportunities in the area. I didn't get many of those in Indiana. For those of you who would like to update your address book, send me an email with your request and I'll get that to you. I'll be posting details of our moving adventure later, so stay tuned....


Shawny said...

Yeah! So glad you arrived and have settled in. Hope it will be for a long time. You're blog is great and a lot of fun to read. Keep it coming!

Missy said...

Wow! Congratulations on the job! We are so happy for you guys. I'm sure it's going to be a fantastic experience (now that you've settled in).

I didn't know you were a blogger too! I'm off an on. Sometimes I get into a groove and post every day and then sometimes months go by without a moment to spare. Such is the life of a Mommy!